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#DIZOLA | Sorri ao que nos une - 30s

Olá Gelados


Dicas Frescas Para Frescorianos

Leite Vigor


Mike Ghost em Samsung Penedo Coworking

Samsung Penedo Coworking

Galaxy Note 9

Campanha #verparacrer

L´Oréal Paris Portugal

Revitalift Laser FPS20


#DIZOLA Campaign

Olá Gelados


Chefs on Fire

Live Music + Live Food

kangalin production service

Kangalin Oramai Video Song

Production Service

Xiaomi - MIMIX Philippe Starck

Xiaomi Mi Mix & Starck

Production Service

A gastronomical journey of exotic and brilliant foods and drinks with the support of a brilliant portuguese film crew.

Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods Host

I look for people for a shoot outside the United States, who not only bring creativity to their work, but also a sense of trust. ZOF delivered on both fronts, capturing beautiful footage and an interview for our video of shade of future event.

Dana HaydockFuture of Shade Event

The promotional spot reached 126.000 views on Youtube. I give thanks to all ZOF production team for not waiting much longer.

Catarina Furtado We are still waiting Campaign

It is with great pride that our music "Dog" sees the light of day. A special thanks to all those who have lost a sunny sunday to be part of this "dance".

BarbanteSingle "Dog"