Ala Design: Young, cosmopolitan and changeable

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ala design

“ALA Design is born in 2015 within a family dedicated to the production of footwear and as a result of the creativity and ambition of their younger generations.It comes at a time when Portugal is experiencing a true revolution in the way of being and lifestyle of its people.

Time when the streets fill with people coming a little all over the world and where creativity flourishes in every corner: places to events, to the many cultural movements that shake the cities daily.

Young, cosmopolitan, practical and changeable: ALA Design responds to the urgent need and consumption of fashion goods that meet the latest trends and emerging phenomenon.

And so the brand is born, in the bustling with ideas and speed imposed on the days. Proudly, from Portugal to the world. Male and female products, to a mostly young audience who is concerned about the image.”

Ala Design