Film Production Service.
Choose the spot, the crew and the equipment to film in Portugal.

A gastronomical journey of exotic and brilliant foods and drinks with the support of a brilliant portuguese film crew.

Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods Host

I look for people for a shoot outside the United States, who not only bring creativity to their work, but also a sense of trust. ZOF delivered on both fronts, capturing beautiful footage and an interview for our video of shade of future event.

Dana HaydockFuture of Shade Event

Imagine a extraordinary country to choose between a lot of different locations and a production service company that takes care of all the details.


ZOF helps you choosing the best equipment for your project or a specific member for your working team.


Pre-production process for selecting a cast of actors, dancers, singers and models or even animals.


All kind of operation and transport of image, audio and lighting solutions and other resources in any location.

Avani Hot Spots

Best Video By A Hospitality Brand

production service avani hotels portugal

We provide a full production service for film and TV productions shooting anywhere in Portugal.

Not only we help you with any local or regional contact, but we guarantee full filming commitment in facing challenges.

For more information and specific location call us +351 214 974 238 or