Café Sical – Origin’s new moments

By June 19, 2019Advertising
Café Sical – Give Origin to New Moments

Thanks to the creativity of Publicis Group, ZOF discovered the different origins of drinking coffee as the source of great moments. Our team was responsible for the video production where several customers were caught by our cameras during their morning breakfast and coffee time.

The videos were made with the direction of Bruno Soares and photography by João Carneiro.

When was the last time you drank it slowly?

When was the last time you drank it without using your phone?

Client: Café Sical
Agency: Publicis Group
Direction: Bruno Soares
Production Direction: Carla Capela
Chief of Production: Cátia Mesquita
Production Assistant: Ines Decq Motta / Andreia Silva
DoP: João Carneiro
Camera: Tiago Costa / Pedro Gouveia / Bruno Fialho
Chief Electrician: Pedro Nair
Editing: Sofia Machado Bidarra
Grading: Marco Amaral / The yellow colour