Rita Camarneiro and Marco Brandão in Samsung Penedo Coworking

By October 2, 2018Advertising, Brand Activation
samsung penedo coworking

The TV host Rita Camarneiro and Marco Brandão from Shifter finally tryed the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 –  Penedo Coworking – the first cowork in the middle of nowhere with the creativity of UZINA and direction of Susana Albuquerque.

Rita Camarneiro and Marco Brandão

Penedo Coworking

Agency: Uzina
Client: Samsung
Direction: Bruno Soares
DOP: João Carneiro
Drone Operator: Pedro Gouveia
Editing: Marco Marques
Technical Production: ZOF

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Fernando De Pina Mendes, founder of Now_CoworkLisboa, the photographer Mike Ghost, the journalist of Shifter Marco Brandão, the TV host Rita Camarneiro, the illustrator Hugo Barros Costa, and the special participation of Rosa – they are all part of an experience that goes beyond their limits and professional scope, using nothing more than the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and a wi-fi network. Did they succeed? Do not miss the whole experience in the next episodes!