Videoclip Production She Has No Age

By October 18, 2020Music

ZOF was responsible for the production, recording and editing of Carolina Picoito Pinto’s new musical project. The proof was in the talent and will of Carolina Picoito Pinto, in what is her first original song in creating something great with the direction of Cláudia Batalhão and photography by João Carneiro. Carolina Picoito Pinto was also present on a talent television program where her voice and musical style were noted.

Client: Carolina Picoito Pinto
Production: ZOF
Direction: Claudia Batalhão
DoP: João Carneiro
Production Manager: Joana Barros
Production Assistant: Ana Boatto
Steadycam: Nuno Lico
1º Assistant: Pedro Gouveia
2º Assistant: Liliana Dantas
Gaffer: Daniel Nicolau
Art Direction & Extra: Miss Suzie
Art Assistant: Vitor Gonçalves
Figurant/Extra Assistant: Sara Peterson
Styling Carolina Picoito Pinto: Ana Fontinha
Ass. Styling: Tatiana Serôdio
Hair & Make Up: Eduardo Estevam
Make up Assistant: Patrícia Estevão e Mafalda Gonçalves
Hair Assistant: Pedro Gil
Editing: Cláudia Batalhão e Sofia Bidarra
Grading: Mário Guilherme
Location: Teatro Gil Vicente
Extra/Figurant: Eliana (One Way Models), Nuno Ferreira (One Way Models), Joana Fernandes, Maria Kranendonk , Zé Blanco, Mafalda Van Zeller, Ana Picoito, João Maria Pinto, Pedro Guerne.