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Corações com Coroa – 10 Years




A matter of heart – CCC celebrates 10 years of existence.

They work and fight for effective policies that make it possible to achieve effective equality of opportunity. This film that we wrote, produced and directed celebrates all hearts, because “where there is a heart that welcomes there is another that beats harder.” We will be here. Always.

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So happy together

From a list of more than 30 people, in the areas of advertising, production, directors, DOPs, cameras, make up, wardrobe, assistants and the like, we came together for the desired Christmas dinner.

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And then there was ZOFSTUDIO

In our studio, a thousand things have always happened in audiovisual production and almost all of them are good, others were incredible.

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Broken Pieces

Exclusive and uniquely crafted glasses from broken pieces of skate boards.

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