This film that we wrote, produced and directed celebrates all hearts.

Ten years of thinking for others. Ten years of fighting for others. Ten years of caring for others, ten years of action and awareness in situations of social and personal vulnerability, for the inclusion and dignity of all people, for education and access to health care as a guarantee of gender equality.

CCC promotes knowledge about Human Rights and active and responsible citizenship. They work and fight for effective policies that make it possible to achieve effective equality of opportunity.

An active voice for preventing and combating all types of domestic and gender-based violence. They work hard for the fulfilment, autonomy and empowerment of girls and women. This film that we wrote, produced and directed celebrates all hearts, because “where there is a heart that welcomes there is another that beats harder.” We will be here. Always.



Script: João Campos
Director: Ricardo Figueiredo
Director Assistant: Rafael Gomes
DOP: Pedro Leite
Production Director: Joana Cunha
Production Assistant: Ana Boatto
Camara Operator: Edgar Silva
Audio Operator:  Catarina Silva
Editor: Marco Marques
MOF: Diogo Bernardo
Make up: Anabela Gonçalves
TV Host / Principal Actress: Catarina Furtado
Tape | Ação #1: Ana Magalhães
Handcuffs | Poster | Action #2: Adriana Rocha
Handcuffs | Poster | Action #2: Alda Gomes
Handcuffs | Poster | Action #2: Daniela Fuentes
Handcuffs | Poster | Action #2: Fernanda Larajeira
Handcuffs | Poster | Action #2: Irina Hamuti
Handcuffs | Poster | Action #2: Riza Torres
Handcuffs | Poster | Action #2: Patrícia Chaparro
Manifestation: Maly
Megaphone & salte | Action #2: Margarida Nogueira
Sport Girl | Action #3: Paula Teixeira
Pregnant Woman | Action #3: Maria Bradshaw
Balloons | Action #4: Carolina Campos