In the music industry, the collaboration in ZOF recording studios during the MTV Push project, which spanned from January 2021 to the end of 2023, was celebrated with great enthusiasm by our team. This partnership not only achieved success but also brought a valuable and transformative contribution.

Get to know everything about the collaboration between MTV and ZOF

MTV Push, known for featuring exclusive interviews, unprecedented performances, and a privileged behind-the-scenes look, chose ZOF recording studios as the ideal setting to materialize this project. Throughout this partnership, our studios hosted notable artists and emerging talents such as Cláudia Pascoal, Nenny, Syro, Rony Fuego, Waze, Mimicat, Papillon, Pedro Mafama, Jura, Way 45, T-Rex, Maro, Soraia Ramos, Eu.clides, Nuno Ribeiro, among others.

The quality of the recording studio was crucial to capture the essence and energy of the musical performances. The direction of photography, thought exclusively for each artist, to convey the individual art of each one, and this is only possible with quality equipment such as lighting, cameras, microphones, audio material, studio monitors, and advanced editing software that played a crucial role in this process.

Miguel Veg Marques, sound engineer and partner, was the fundamental piece that made all the difference in capturing the “live” sound and its mastering. A big thank you. 🙂

Not only did they ensure the clarity and purity of sound, but they also offered artists the flexibility to explore different textures and nuances.

We want to express our deep gratitude to the MTV Push team, who continuously trusted ZOF studios. A special thanks to Rita Pinto, Editorial Director, and Samuel Cruz, Talent and Music Coordinator, whose commitment and passion were essential for the success of this project. Their trust and collaboration were key elements that elevated this partnership.

This enduring partnership went beyond video clip recordings and video productions, creating opportunities for artists to be recognized internationally, promoting diversity and innovation in the world of music. For 3 years, the partnership not only stood out for its longevity but also significantly enriched the musical landscape.

In this year 2024, the partnership with MTV Portugal continues with the project “MTVPush on the Road & Pizza Hut”.

For more information about MTV Push and its initiatives to boost new talents during this period, visit the official website.

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