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Ricardo Figueiredo

The passion for images has been part of his life for as long as he can remember. Even though he tried other professions at the beginning of his adult life, the video ended up interfering in the process. “I was a social animator and produced all the videos the association needed. I worked in street theater and always added the video component when designing some plays” - Ricardo Figueiredo But it all starts on Big Brother 1 as a camera assistant, his first job on Television. The passion was stronger than perhaps he imagined because he still does it today, while he is at the helm of the audiovisual production company that he ended up creating and, at the same time, thinking, producing, collaborating, creating, directing and breathing films without ever forgetting the weight of the camera.

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Admiramos pensadores e criadores e somos ávidos por ideias e estórias para filmes. A verdade é que gostamos desse abismo e não queremos que faças filmes sozinho. Criar filmes é a nossa cena. #wearezof