We’ve been telling stories through film for the past 15 years. We’ve been doing that with the same passion as the people, companies and brands we’ve come across.

Those films are as important as the ones we’re going to do. We’ve been paying attention to these people of interest. We’re here to let you know where we are. Who we are. The experience and portfolio are there. The work speaks. It tells the story, but we decided to hear what the market was trying to say. We needed to funnel all of the business areas to provide and deliver even better. So ZOFSTUDIO and ZOFSERVICE brands came to light. And to our partners, clients, and new business goals we’re saying that the investment is there. Human Resources and equipment balanced with our expertise and earned know-how.

I’t’s all about film. It’s all about telling stories and storytelling. It’s production it’s advertising, brand content, fictional or institutional content, benefit ventures, music videos even a story to tell your grandmother how important she is to the family.