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Start Stop Play

It’s getting harder and harder to stop. Pressure to see everything, give opinions, judge everything. Pressure to always be attentive, to always say anything, even when we don't want to or have anything to say, pressure to be first or to be a sheep. Do listen. Stop. Just a little. Then we’ll return to the hustle and bustle. For now, we advise you to press play and stop to watch. Then we'll see how it runs.  #howtocrew #grantswhisky #gofurthertogether Documentary: How to Crew Client: ViceUK Brand: Grant´s Whisky VP Production & Delivery: Sohini Gogel Exec Producer: Emma Yuille Producer: Lauren Havard Senior Creative: Alex Greenwood Assistant…

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Documentary Between Strokes – 30 Years of Comic Books

On the 30th anniversary of Amadora BD, the documentary “Between Strokes: 30 years of Comic Books” will be presented. The film tells the story “of the close proximity between Amadora and Comic Books, from childhood to maturity. A view of the venue and the future of the summit for the new generations”. Between Strokes, that we helped produce, with direction and photography by Bruno Soares features the special participation of actor João Jesus and soundtrack by Filipe Melo. Client: Câmara Municipal da Amadora / Festival  Amadora BD Amadora BD Crew Project Manager: Catarina Valente Producer: Hugo Valente Content coordinator: Cristina Belo Grafics: Mariana…

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