Murta is the #MTVPushPortugal artist of the month.

We got to know this November featured artist for his participation on the Portuguese edition of “The Voice” which he reached the finals.

His first album is called “D’Art Vida” and was the inspiration for a TED Talk called “ A Arte como uma Arma”.

Murta was at ZOFSTUDIO recording this interview and music video for #MTVPushPortugal.

Client: MTV Portugal
Editorial Director: Rita Teixeira Pinto
Musical and Programming Coordinator: Samuel Cruz
Production: ZOF
Director: Ricardo Figueiredo
DOP and Colour Grading: João Carneiro
1º Camera assistant: Pedro Gouveia
2º Camera assistant:: Edgar Silva
Producer: Joana Barros
Production Assistant: Ana Boatto
Audio: Vegeta
Light Technician: Paulo Almeida
Mixing, Mastering and Post-Production Áudio: Vegeta
Editing: Sofia Bidarra
Hair & Make up: Eunice Silva e Henrique Duarte