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ZOF Audiovisual Producer: Verticality in Photography

In a world where change is the only constant, ZOF Audiovisual Producer has been paying special attention to the concept of Verticality in Photography. Our director, Ricardo Figueiredo, shared his ideas in an interview with SAPO.This is not just a ZOF debate on the Concept of Verticality in Photography, but a revolution that is profoundly altering our interaction with the image. In this interview, our director Ricardo reinforced the idea that as early as 2014/15, ZOF began experimenting with vertical formats in recording, a decision initially met with some skepticism. However, the emergence of “stories” on Instagram and TikTok in 2016 validated this approach, positioning…

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Rafael Leão: MTV Push Portugal at ZOF

Today we recall a special moment from last year: ZOF supported a unique performance by Rafael Leão on MTV Push Portugal. WAY 45, also known as Rafael Leão, the talented forward for the Portuguese national team and AC Milan, shone on a very special stage: the studios of the audiovisual producer ZOF. MTV PUSH highlights emerging talents in the Portuguese music scene and chose Rafael Leão to shine. At ZOF's recording studios, Rafael Leão, famous for his skills on the football field, proved himself a multifaceted artist. The MTV Push Portugal events at ZOF have already featured several notable artists and are becoming a launching…

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Cheers to a New Year

  Dear all, As we bid farewell to the old and embrace the new, we wanted to take a moment to wish you a Happy New Year filled with joy, success, and endless possibilities! May the coming year be a canvas of new adventures, a tapestry of meaningful connections, and a journey toward personal and collective growth. Let's leave behind the challenges of the past and embark on a fresh chapter with optimism, resilience, and a spirit of determination. May each day bring you moments of happiness, love, and fulfillment. Embrace the opportunities that come your way, learn from the experiences that shape us, and…

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