Claudia Pascoal was the February #MTVPushPortugal artist of the month.

What a great pleasure to meet Claudia Pascoal. It was so nice to hear her talk about herself, hear her sing, we almost danced with her – pun intended – to her new single “quase dança” but we were holding cameras, it’s what we love to do. We thank MTV for the passional long term relationship and wish all the best things for Claudia.

Client: MTV Portugal
Editorial Director: Rita Teixeira Pinto
Music and Programming Coordinator: Samuel Cruz

Production Company: ZOF
Direction: Ricardo Figueiredo
Director of Photography and Color Grading: João Carneiro
1st cameraman: Pedro Gouveia
2st cameraman: Edgar Silva
Production: Joana Barros
Production Assistant: Ana Boatto
Light Technician: Paulo Almeida
Audio Capture: Vegeta
Audio Mixing, Mastering and Post-Production: Vegeta
Editor: Sofia Bidarra
Make-up & Hair: Eunice Silva and Henrique Duarte