Syro was the January #MTVPushPortugal artist of the month.

We produced the interview and the music video and all the promo kits and social media footage and communication for MTV Portugal at ZOFSTUDIO. “Deixa passar” is Syro’s debut single that launched and boosted his career. You can catch the interview here and watch the music video exclusive on the #MTVPushPortugal digital channels.


Client: MTV Portugal
Editorial Director: Rita Teixeira Pinto
Musical and Programing Coordenador: Samuel Cruz
Production: ZOF
Director: Ricardo Figueiredo
DOP and Colour Grading: João Carneiro
1º camera: Pedro Gouveia
2º camera: Edgar Silva
Producer: Joana Barros
Production Assistent: Ana Boatto
Audio: Vegeta
Light Tech: Paulo Almeida
Mixing, Mastering e Audio Post-Productuion: Vegeta
Editing: Sofia Bidarra
Grafics: Liliana Dantas
Hair & Make up: Eunice Silva e Henrique Duarte