She’s June’s #mtvpush artist.

The world needs Nenny. Now it does. Nenny is no longer a promise, is real. Since a little kid, the words and feelings found way through music, to get out. She’s June’s #mtvpush artist gof the month and these are her thoughts about her art. We hear you. So will everybody out there.


Client – MTV Portugal
Editorial Director – Rita Teixeira Pinto
Music and Programming Coordinator – Samuel Cruz

Production Company – ZOF
Director – Ricardo Figueiredo
DOP and Colour Grading – João Carneiro
Camera Operator – Henrique Montalvão
Production: Joana Barros
Production Assistant: Ana Boatto
Audio Capture: Vegeta
Audio Mixing, Mastering and Post-Production: Supa Dust Man | This Is I.M
Editor: Sofia Bidarra
Make-up & Hair: Eunice Silva and Henrique Duarte